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Sam Disaster #2

A few months ago I wrote about the great peanut butter disaster in our house…Sam’s mad dash through the house flinging peanut butter. Today was what I will now refer to as “Sam Disaster #2”.

While working from home in my office I hear my wife shriek. I quickly run upstairs where I find her in the bathroom with water running everywhere. She had sent Sam to go wash his hands while she fixed his lunch…ironically, a peanut butter sandwich. :-) Sam had washed his hands, plugged the sink, left the water running wide open, closed the bathroom door, and climbed up to the table for lunch. I honestly don’t think he was trying to be bad…he was just completely oblivious to what he had just done.

While not quite as bad as the “Wet Bandit” scene from Home Alone, it was in the same ballpark. Water all over the counter and floor. Heck…one of the drawers in the vanity had even filled up…had to siphon the water out of it to keep from making an even bigger mess. That drawer was the one that used to hold my electric razor…it was submerged. I hadn’t been planning to replace that anytime soon.

Stay tuned for Sam Disaster #3…I’m sure it will come soon enough.

November 19, 2012 - Posted by | kids, Personal


  1. Fun, fun.
    Thus far, most of my children’s… adventures have been repairable with a sufficient quantity of epoxy.
    I realized recently that I’ve not used this much glue since my elementary school days.

    Comment by Jason Buckner | November 19, 2012

  2. I am glad I found your blog today and came across your MMS presentation on Channel 9. I am hoping my company will send me to TechEd this year

    Comment by Kristopher J. Turner | January 27, 2014

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