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Interview with Johan Arwidmark

Between MMS and TechEd last year, I was able to snag several people in the Microsoft management and deployment community for interviews for my blog. I finally got around to processing the last of those interviews and prepping it for posting.

I caught Johan Arwidmark just before I walked out the door of TechEd to fly home. It was a fun and entertaining (albeit short) conversation.

Enjoy finding out a bit about the personal side of one of the most recognized names in the worldwide deployment community!

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Interview with Mikael Nystrom (Part 2 of 2)

At long last, here is the second half of the interview with Mikael Nystrom. Enjoy.

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Interview with Mikael Nystrom (Part 1 of 2)

While at TechEd North America earlier this year, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mikael Nystrom from TrueSec. I knew very little about Mikael before sitting down with him, and it ended up being a very fun interview. It also ended up being over an hour long! Below is the first half of the interview. Enjoy!

Just a note…the interviews from TechEd have been taking me a long time to post…mainly because of my frustration with some glitches with my blog host. I have had significant issues getting the audio to work. I have  uploaded the audio in the format that is required by the audio player, but the player won’t play the audio. The previous interviews have each taken multiple hours to get the technical glitches worked out. This time I simply gave up on resolving the issues and produced a “video” from the audio and the one picture I have of me with Mikael at TechEd.

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Interview with Tim Mintner

As promised last week, here is the interview I had with Tim Mintner at TechEd North America in Los Angeles.



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Rod Trent Interview – Part 2

Okay…it has been entirely too long since I’ve posted…over two months. Life has been a little crazy, but I finally cleaned up the rest of the Rod Trent interview to prepare it for posting. Hope you enjoy it. Also…I expect to post the next interview within another week or so…it is with Tim Mintner of the Microsoft Deployment product team!

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Rod Trent Interview – Part 1

As I promised last week, here is the first of a two part interview with Rod Trent that took place the last night of MMS 2009. I hope to post part 2 sometime next week. Enjoy!


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New Interview Next Week

Just a heads up to check back next week. I will be posting part one of my interview with Rod Trent. You don’t want to miss this one. I got this one in the same day of MMS that I interviewed Sherry Kissinger.

BTW…apparently a lot of you were interested in finding out more info about Sherry. The day after posting that interview ended up being the most traffic ever on my little blog.

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Interview with Sherry Kissinger

sherry Last year I had the idea to start a series of interviews with various people in the Microsoft management space. The concept was to have a personal interview with people that we all know because of their contributions to the online management community. The interviews are designed to allow others in the management space to get to know the personal side of the technology person. The first one that I interviewed last year was Wally Mead. Had a fun time sitting down with him while he was taking a break from TechEd.

While at MMS in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with the MOF Master herself, the one and only Sherry Kissinger. Sherry is a ConfigMgr MVP who works for Wells Fargo and is widely known as a expert in getting the most out of the ConfigMgr inventory by making modifications to the sms_def.mof file. Continuing the interview series, here is the conversation I had with Sherry.

Note: the player below requires Adobe Flash. If you don’t have Flash, you won’t see the player.

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Interview with Wally Mead – Part 3 of 3

Without further ado, here is the final part of the interview with Wally Mead. A lot of you have enjoyed this series, and I’ve been glad to be able to bring it to you. 

Be sure to check back soon for the next interview. I’m not sure which one will be next, but I’ve already lined up two guys in the SMS community that I know you won’t want to miss.

Yeah, that’s meant to be a teaser. It’s my blog…I can do that! :-)

So, enjoy Part 3 of the Wally interview and check back soon to find out who my next interview is going to be!

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Interview with Wally Mead – Part 2 of 3

Here is part two of my interview with Wally Mead. This section is a bit shorter than the first one…in the flow of the questions this just seemed like the best place to break it up. I plan to post the third and final part of the interview next Tuesday, so be sure to check back for the final ten minutes.

My plan is to do some more of these personal type interviews, so I posed a question yesterday…who would you like to see interviewed? Joey started off a fantastic list of people. (He also emailed me offline saying that he would be impressed if I got his whole list…heck…I’ll be impressed if I get half of his list! Although I do already have one of those lined up!) I’d love to hear from you who you would like to know more about. So…go to the post and leave a comment voting for who you would like. If the person is already mentioned, feel free to throw in another vote for them.

But…without further rambling by me…heeeeeeeerree’sss Wally!

Part 3 of the interview…

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Interview with Wally Mead – Part 1

Over the last several months I’ve developed a relationship with Wally Mead. Wally is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft where he works with the System Center Configuration Manager product team. He handled a bug report that I submitted about SCCM (here and here…bug was fixed in SP1) and we connected offline afterwards. He had seen in the bug submission that I work for Campus Crusade for Christ, and he has had interaction with CCC in the past.

This week Wally has been in Orlando at Tech-Ed, so I invited him to come out and let me take him on a tour of CCC’s headquarters. After the tour we sat down and Wally allowed me to interview him. Below is the first portion of the interview. I will post parts 2 and 3 sometime next week.

I’d like to also offer a public thank you to Wally for taking the time to sit down with me. It was a very enjoyable time, and if Chris ends up coming to UCF, I look forward to seeing you more often!

Another thing…who else would you like to see interviewed? Let me know on that page and I’ll see what I can do.


Part 2 of the interview is live now…

[Update 6-22-08: It was brought to my attention in the comments below that if you don’t have the Adobe Flash Plugin on your computer, you will not see the audio player that is just below the “Enjoy!” line. You can get it here if you don’t already have it.]

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