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Traveling With My Surface 2

SurfaceAndPhone_LowI recently wrote a post for the CDW Experts Who Get It blog that I wanted to link to from here. My initial post was a bit outside of my normal blog fodder…it was about my experience traveling with nothing but my personal Surface 2. I had a hugely productive flight recently when I intentionally left my laptop at home and took just my Surface 2. This is something I will definitely do again without hesitation. Head on over to the CDW blog for the full post.

The CDW blog is a growing collection of posts from me and my fellow CDW coworkers. This blog covers a wide spectrum of topics and technologies…Microsoft, Cisco, and a lot of other companies that we are partnered with as well. I’ve worked for CDW for a bit more than three years. (Side note…great place to work…I’ve been very happy here. If I know you, and you are exploring job possibilities, ping me.)

April 3, 2014 - Posted by | Mobility, Surface

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