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Over the last year or so, there have been several posts that have stuck out to me as some of my favorites. The hazard of a blog format is that once it drops off of the front page, it is rarely seen again. A few posts have gotten a lot of search engine or forum related traffic, but most of the ones that age off of the front page are never seen again. Below are a few of my favorite posts that I have written since starting this blog…kind of a “Best of The Realm of the Verbal Processor”. I broke them down by personal and ConfigMgr posts…the two biggest categories on this blog.



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  1. Hey Jarvis,

    I really enjoyed your presentation at MMS! I have my winpe regenerated to allow HTA’s and am anxiously awaiting your release. I believe that modifying yours will give me a great foundation to resolve an OSD dilemma that I am facing. I looked at the one Johan has posted to get a start but I liked the additions that you presented.

    Thanks again for your community involvement. I believe that I have created some good utils to contribute once I get a site setup.


    Comment by Bradd Young | May 3, 2009

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