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Windows Phone 8.1 Update Oddness

This morning I loaded the Windows Phone 8.1 app on my phone. I had signed up for the Developer Preview specifically for this purpose. Let’s say that my results have been decidedly mixed. I love the new functionality… this is definitely a huge update… much more than what you would expect from a “.1” update. The update seemed to go through fine, and a ​lot of the additional functionality is indeed there. The really obvious ones are the Notification Center and Cortana. Both are there and work just fine.

But…there are a lot of things that are odd or simply not working as expected. For reference, my phone is an HTC 8X on Verizon.

Duplicate Apps

  • Games
  • Maps

Apps that won’t launch

  • The Games app that is listed first
  • The Maps app that is listed first
  • Phone… seriously… the Phone app won’t launch on my phone. I can receive phone calls and the app will show. I can dial a number using voice command, but can’t launch the Phone app from either the start screen or the apps list.

Missing Apps

  • Camera… it’s just simply not there. Holding down the physical camera button that used to open the camera app to take a picture does nothing now.

Settings that won’t launch

  • Start + theme will launch, but some new functionality inside won’t. I can switch the “Show more Tiles” setting, but the “choose photo” button for the “Start background” setting does nothing.
  • Notifications + actions
  • Wi-Fi
  • NFC
  • VPN
  • Storage sense
  • Project my screen
  • Sync my settings
  • Quiet hours
  • Language
  • Cortana (although the Cortana app does work)

Update (4/15):

I did a hard reset on my phone and everything cleared up. The reset used a phone backup, so it re-installed all of my apps and maintained my start screen configuration. I did have to do a few manual things (Wi-Fi setup, entering passwords, downloading maps, and a few other misc settings), but overall it wasn’t as painful as I expected a hard reset to be. As a side note…the phone also does not appear to be eating battery like candy any more.

April 14, 2014 - Posted by | Windows Phone

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