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Interview with Mikael Nystrom (Part 1 of 2)

While at TechEd North America earlier this year, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mikael Nystrom from TrueSec. I knew very little about Mikael before sitting down with him, and it ended up being a very fun interview. It also ended up being over an hour long! Below is the first half of the interview. Enjoy!

Just a note…the interviews from TechEd have been taking me a long time to post…mainly because of my frustration with some glitches with my blog host. I have had significant issues getting the audio to work. I have  uploaded the audio in the format that is required by the audio player, but the player won’t play the audio. The previous interviews have each taken multiple hours to get the technical glitches worked out. This time I simply gave up on resolving the issues and produced a “video” from the audio and the one picture I have of me with Mikael at TechEd.

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Sam Walking With The Chair

chair2A few years ago when my grandmother passed away I inherited a little chair that had been in the family for a very long time. It was owned by my Great Great Great Grandfather who died in 1878. My Great Grandfather learned to walk with the chair by turning it upside down and pushing it around the house. Doing so wore down the tops of the legs of the chair at an angle that you can see in the picture to the side.

Sam has been learning to walk lately…matter of fact, he took his first two unassisted steps on Sunday…walking from the coffee table to the chair that Marybeth was sitting in. He’s nine and a half months old. Below is a compilation video of some of the walking with the chair (and a laundry basket) that Sam did when he was eight and a half months old.

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ConfigMgr Child Labor Bloopers

By request of multiple people, here is the bloopers video from the ConfigMgr Child Labor video. Enjoy.

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Blooper Video

In a conversation with Garth Jones last week at MMS I mentioned that if I had time I was going to put together a blooper video from the various snippets that I shot for the ConfigMgr Child Labor video. I think I had somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 “takes” during the filming. Garth mentioned that conversation on his blog yesterday, so I guess I need to follow through on that idea! I’ll try to throw something together this week before heading to TechEd next week.

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ConfigMgr Child Labor Video

This is the follow up to the video that was shown at MMS 2008 showing my five year old daughter deploying systems using ConfigMgr. I used this during the intro to my “Operating System Deployment in the Real World” session at MMS 2009.

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Samsung SSD RAID

I had a friend in Australia send me the link to this video below. It is of a guy who took 24 Samsung Solid State Drives (SSD), and put them into a RAID array. SSD is fast. 24 SSDs in a 6 terabyte RAID array is stupid fast.

He claims to have gotten 2GB/second throughput. Mind you…that is a capital “B”…not 2 gigabit…2 gigabyte. (In layman’s terms…you could copy as much data as an entire DVD from one spot on the array to another in approximately two seconds.) He loaded all of office in half a second. He opened everything on the start menu (53 programs) in 18 seconds. Wow.

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Baptizing My Daughter

Tonight I had the honor of baptizing my six year old daughter. She has been asking spiritual questions for a few years now, and my wife has been doing a great job of answering them at my daughter’s level of understanding. About two years ago (when she was four) is when she first clearly understood the meaning of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection…that is when she chose to accept His payment for her sins. We have been amazed at her level of understanding of spiritual things and the way she is able to articulate spiritual truths.

The video below is from her baptism tonight. It took place at the church we have been attending in Minnesota, The Church of the Open Door. It was a really neat experience for both of us. Most of our words that we spoke are pretty clear, but I have transcribed them below so that all of the words can be understood.

Marybeth’s initial statement:

At Florida, my teachers at Sunday School told me Jesus died on the cross to get rid of our sins. And then I started thinking about him, worshipping him, then we got together.

My statement before baptizing her:

In case you can’t tell, she’s a little bit excited about this.

Marybeth, it has been a joy for me to watch you grow both physically and spiritually. I am so glad that when you learned about what Jesus did for you that you chose to accept his payment for your sins. You are not just my daughter…you are also my sister in Christ.

And now, because you have acknowledged Jesus as your Savior and want to obey His command to be baptized, it is my honor and pleasure to baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

It was the pastor who made the statement at the end, "Is she for rent."

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Spring in Minnesota

henrywoods1Spring has arrived in Minnesota. Matter of fact, last Saturday my family got to watch it arrive in a really dramatic way. We went for a short hike in Henry’s Woods near Rogers. This is land that was given to Hassan Township by the Henry family for use as a park.

As we were hiking along, we were walking up the side of a frozen over streambed. As we were coming up on a bend in the stream, we saw water flowing down. This water was slowly making it’s way downstream, melting its way through the streambed. We followed it downstream for probably an hour just watching it slowly meander around the bends until it connected with another melted area at the far end of the property just before it went under the road. It was really fascinating watching this happen. When we first saw it, I didn’t have my digital camera to take any decent quality pictures or video…just my cell phone. I raced home to grab my camera and head back to get some good pictures and video. Here is a video of what we saw…

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This is the video that I posted about yesterday that was shown during the “State of the Nation” session at MMS this morning. It features me talking about how we are using SCCM OSD, and concludes with my five year old daughter using SCCM to deploy seven computers. Enjoy!

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