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This is my new favorite text editor. I’ve used EditPlus for years. When I got to my new job I asked if we had a license for a text editor or if I could expense out the purchase of a license for EditPlus. One of my coworkers asked if I had tried Notepad++ before. I had never heard of it.

After giving it a try, I have officially switched. It has all of the features that I liked in EditPlus, plus a few extras. In particular I like the way you can “fold” levels inside a file. Try it out and note the plus signs on the side of a script to see what I mean by that. You can also click between the line numbers and the edge of the text pane to put a little dot there to give a way to easily refer back to a specific line as you are writing a script. It also recognizes a ton of languages to help with formatting and making sure that you’ve closed all tags/elements.

A big thanks to Tim Miller (one of Virteva’s senior consultants) for telling me about it.

October 23, 2008 - Posted by | computers

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