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While preparing for MMS and TechEd, I needed to record the demo that I would use in my session. This was a requirement for TechEd, and I ended up using the recorded demo instead of doing a live demo…partially because it is very difficult to perform a live demo of Operating System Deployment in the 75 minute time frame of the sessions at MMS/TechEd. It also allows me to show the entire OS Build and Capture process (about a three and a half hour process in my virtual demo environment)…I am able to speed up the video of that process to show it all in about 3 minutes. Overall a much better process.

Knowing that I needed to be able to record my screen for the demo I knew that there were a few options. One is LiveMeeting and/or WebEx. I don’t have access to either one, so I looked elsewhere. I learned about Camtasia Studio by TechSmith. They offer a fully functional 30 day trial of the software. Using that I was able to not only capture the screen while the demo was running, but was able to speed up sections, slow down other sections to allow me time to talk to it, and splice together two portions of the demo (server side and client side) into one video to use during the demo. Very nice piece of software. I was also able to use it to produce the ConfigMgr Child Labor video. It allowed me to pull in my raw video segments, have a separate narration track, add in opening and closing title tracks, as well as add the video from MMS 2008 in as a Picture-in-Picture.

Overall I was VERY impressed with the software. However…it’s not cheap. With as often as I would use it, there was no way that I could justify the $299 price tag. If I did more demos…it would pay for itself quickly. For the once a year or so that I would use it…not so much.

Well…tonight at TechEd there was an opening night reception in the Expo hall. Lots of companies. As I was wandering around, I saw that TechSmith had a booth, so I walked over to see if they were going to have a drawing for a copy of Camtasia…which they are. As I was talking to the lady at the booth I was telling her about what I had done with the software and that I loved it but couldn’t justify the expense. Heck I’ve been telling a lot of people over the course of the last month about the software. She then proceeded to pull over another lady named Betsy whose title is “Chief Evangelist” for TechSmith. After telling her what I had done, she pulls out a business card to give to me. On the back of the card was a sticker with license keys for Camtasia Studio and Snagit. SWEET!!! My 30 day trial expired yesterday…I get to keep using it!

Thanks Betsy and thanks TechSmith!

May 12, 2009 - Posted by | Misc, MMS, TechEd


  1. Very nice….They also have a free product that does a lot for free. It is called Jing Project. I know several that use that with great success and have recommended it for some that wanted to buy Camtasia. If you don’t need the full editing stuff that Camtasia offers give Jing a try.

    Comment by Kent | May 13, 2009

  2. Nice score!

    Betsy is a real credit to Techsmith. She is genuinely interested in her customers and always looking to help.


    Lon Naylor

    Comment by Lon Naylor | May 14, 2009

  3. Jarvis – it was great to meet at TechEd! You made my day! Glad you’ll put Camtasia Studio to good use! Can’t wait to see the videos you’ll create!

    @Kent – thanks for recommending Jing! :-) Must appreciated…

    @Lon Naylor – Aw, thank you so much! It means so much to me to hear from you…

    Betsy Weber, Chief Evangelist at TechSmith

    Comment by Betsy Weber | May 19, 2009

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