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ConfigMgr Evaluation Product Key

I am currently on a project delivering a Microsoft Desktop Deployment Planning Service (DDPS) at a client. I am using an unattended script to build a proof of concept lab environment for the client. Part of the POC script is that it requires that the Product Key from the ConfigMgr install files be entered. That product key is embedded in the install files, so this seems a bit redundant, but I’m working with what I’ve been given.

Now…at this client, we are using the ConfigMgr w/ SP2 Evaluation Edition that can be downloaded from Microsoft. In order to get the product key from those install files, you have to start the installation and copy the key out. However…in order to start the ConfigMgr install, it requires that the system be a domain joined server. Because the script sets up the POC server as a new AD Domain Controller, the server is currently in a workgroup. In order to get the PID, I had to boot up my demo environment, revert to a snapshot that I had taken (pre-ConfigMgr install), start the installation and copy down the key.

In order to save myself (and hopefully others) time in the future, here is the product key for the ConfigMgr Evaluation Edition. There shouldn’t be any issues with me posting this key because #1 it is an eval edition that is freely downloadable and #2 the key is embedded in the install files…not like you can use it elsewhere without the eval edition install files. Granted, there may only be three people in the world other than myself that care about this post.



February 9, 2010 - Posted by | ConfigMgr

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