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Logging Task Sequence Variables

How many times have you worked with Task Sequence variables via either a script or CustomSettings.ini and really needed to know what the value of a particular variable was at a specific point in the task sequence? I really need to know what that variable is so that I can use it appropriately for some of the customization I have set around the variables.

One of the most helpful posts I have come across in the last several months was written by Daniel Oxley on the Deployment Guys blog. It was a post from a while ago that essentially shows how to easily log the variables. You simply download the VBS from his post and put it in the scripts folder of your MDT package. Then just call the script via a “Run command line” task. It dumps a log to the standard logs folder on the client with Variable/value for every variable that is currently in use. One cool thing is that it names the file based on date/time stamp, so you can run it multiple times in the same task sequence to see how the variables change as it walks through the process. I found it to be immensely helpful when working with some of the other MDT scripts that are customized heavily on variables.

Check out Daniel’s post and download the script here.

March 7, 2011 - Posted by | ConfigMgr, scripting

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