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ConfigMgr Version Numbers

I posted on this once before but realized last week that an update was in order. First, there were a few version numbers missing from my original post. Second…I only dealt with part of the question. When looking at version numbers for ConfigMgr, there are typically two items that someone might be referring to…the version of ConfigMgr installed on the site server or the version of the ConfigMgr client installed on the clients. My previous post mostly dealt with the site server question. This one will be an update to the original along with dealing with the client version numbers as well. BTW…I’ve seen posts scattered around the web that deal with this to varying degrees…I’m trying to gather all of the info out there into one place…something I haven’t been able to find.

ConfigMgr Site Server version numbers:

ConfigMgr RTM


ConfigMgr SP1

4.00.6221.1000 “R2 installed: No” (See the screenshot below.)

ConfigMgr SP1 R2

4.00.6221.1000 “R2 installed: Yes”

ConfigMgr SP2 (RC)


ConfigMgr SP2 (RTM)


ConfigMgr SP2 R3

4.00.6487.2000 “R3 installed: Yes”

Note: If an International Client Pack is installed it will change the second digit of the last section. ICP1 makes that digit a “4” while ICP2 makes it a “7”, so the SP1 version would be 4.00.6221.1700 with ICP2 installed.


ConfigMgr client version numbers:

ConfigMgr RTM


ConfigMgr SP1


ConfigMgr SP1 (with KB977203)


ConfigMgr SP2 (Beta)


ConfigMgr SP2 (RC)


ConfigMgr SP2 (RTM)


ConfigMgr SP2 (with KB977203)


ConfigMgr SP2 (with KB977384 beta)


ConfigMgr SP2 (with KB977384 beta)


ConfigMgr SP2 (with KB977384)


ConfigMgr SP2 (with KB2509007)


Note: R2 and R3 do not change the client version number.

August 18, 2011 - Posted by | ConfigMgr


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  3. The latest version of Client is 4.00.6487.2888 (ConfigMgr SP2 R3 ICP2)

    Comment by Umberto | June 25, 2013

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