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Three Year Old Tricks

“Julie, HELP NOW!!!”

Those were my words a half hour ago when I went downstairs to get my three year old son to bring him up for lunch. What I found was my son:

  • Naked
  • On top of the clothes dryer
  • Squatting in a huge puddle of Downy fabric softener
  • Whimpering and asking for help

He had emptied the entire gallon container of Downy (the one I bought yesterday). It was puddled on top of the dryer…running down into the dryer…running down into the washer…puddled on the floor underneath both. It was truly a sight to behold. He smells very fragrant right now. For that matter…the entire house is smelling quite lovely!


April 1, 2012 - Posted by | family, kids

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  1. OK, that had me laughing, remembering scenes of entire rolls of toilet paper streaming from the upstairs bathroom to the living room, or chocolate syrup designs in the kitchen floor!

    Comment by Andrea | April 1, 2012

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