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Visio Stencil for Configuration Manager 2012

Over the years I have used the Visio stencil for Configuration Manager 2007 that is on (Thanks Rod!). It’s been great for creating diagrams of a Configuration Manager hierarchy for various clients. With Configuration Manager 2012 on the horizon, I’ve already done a design for a reasonably large client, and I’m prepping  my session for MMS which is about hierarchy simplification…having a Visio Stencil for CM2012 would be really hand. I’ve looked multiple times…have not been able to locate a Visio stencil for 2012 anywhere. Had searched every search term I could think of…had called Brian Mason (Configuration Manager MVP) and he didn’t know where to find one. Basically I had completely struck out.

Last night I was emailing Stefan Schorling (another Configuration Manager MVP) about something unrelated and at the last second thought to ask if he knew where I could get one. SCORE!!! This morning Stefan had emailed back with a link to Jean-Sébastien DUCHÊNE’s blog (yet another Configuration Manager MVP) where he has posted a Visio stencil for Configuration Manager 2012! A huge thanks to Stefan for sending the link and to Jean-Sébastien for creating and posting the stencil!

The reason it never turned up in my searches was I kept searching on “visio stencil” (with the quotes). Because Jean-Sébastien’s site is in French, those words are reversed…a search for “stencil visio” would have found the link.

March 2, 2012 - Posted by | ConfigMgr 2012, MMS 2012


  1. Awesome! Great find!
    The only painful part was having to sign up to WindowsTouch to get the files…

    Comment by Stefano | July 16, 2012

  2. Hi Jarvis,

    Can you please repost the stencils? I cannot find this file on the link you provided. :(


    Comment by nicasmic | September 10, 2012

  3. I updated the link on the my post. The site I linked to had changed things around…I had to re-locate the post with the download in it. You can use the updated link in my post to get the stencil now.

    One note…he mentions version “.7” of the stencil, but the SkyDrive link also shows a “.9” version of the stencil as well.

    Comment by Jarvis | September 17, 2012

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