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Zero to Expert in One Week

So…our office is being reconfigured. Long story, but new office furniture is in the works. It has been a long plan. Well a week ago last friday, we get the realization that no planning has been done on how the wiring of the new furniture is going to take place…we need to plan it and quick.

Immediate emergency mode.

Philip came up with the statement that we have gone from zero to expert on physical network planning in one week. It has definitely been a lot of work. I have looked at the floor plans for dozens of hours at this point. My initial estimate of cable for the west half of the office is 17,000 feet of cable. Yep… 3.2 miles of cable. Lots of long hours. Lots of work. But strangely satisfying.

July 23, 2006 - Posted by | tech

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