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Colorado Rockies

I’m not a pro baseball fan. I just don’t watch it. I sometimes tune in to the World Series, but then I also tune into lacrosse and curling occasionally. Anyway…I saw an article recently about Mike Coolbaugh. He was a minor league baseball coach who was killed during a game when a line drive hit him in the head while he was coaching first base. Really brutal.

Anyway, the team he was coaching was a Double-A team in the Colorado Rockies organization. The Rockies made the post-season. The Rockies players got together and voted to give Mike’s widow a full share of the team’s playoff winnings. Note: Mike was not a MLB coach…he was coaching in the minors.

THAT is cool. It’s enough to get me to pull for the Rockies through the postseason.

 You can read the article here:

October 4, 2007 - Posted by | sports |

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  1. What an awesome story; makes me believe in professional athletes as people again.

    Comment by Click Click Boom | October 9, 2007

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