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How much does God love us?

I was talking with my four year old tonight, and she asked me if I knew how much God loved us. When I asked her how much, she answered, “115. That’s a LOT of love.”

[Edit…October 25…everything that follows]

Ya know…I’m sure 115 meant something to her. But realistically…while it’s cute and funny coming from the mouth of a four year old…it just doesn’t get the job done for the people who have been hitting this post since it first went up. In the last hour, there was someone who hit this post when they typed “how much does God love me” in a search engine.

There’s something about that question that strikes a chord with us. We want to know that we are loved. We want to know that God cares about us. We want to know that He loves us. How can we know? That’s a question I’d be glad to dialog with you about. Just send me a message. I’d be glad to answer your questions or walk with you through the process of discovering how much God really does love you. I promise it’s not a trite answer…and it’s a lot more than 115.

You could also take a look at this ShockWave thing called Life@Large. It walks you through a process to see how your story fits into the story of life.

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iPhone Vulnerabilities

Saw these links today about vulnerabilities in the iPhone that I thought were quite amusing given how much Apple users poke at Microsoft about security. Basic gist is that all of the applications on the iPhone run as root. So any exploit that gives you shell access gives you everything. Apparently Apple didn’t learn from the “everybody is an admin” mistakes that Microsoft made in older OSes. This could be really comical to watch…or scary depending on how many of them make it into the office.,1895,2191373,00.asp,1895,2197476,00.asp

A couple of interesting quotes from the first article…

“The iPhone has been turned into a “pocket-sized … network-enabled root shell,” said H.D. Moore, thanks to the well-known security researcher having published shell code for the smart phone and instructions on how to use it as a portable hacking platform.”

“A rootkit takes on a whole new meaning when the attacker has access to the camera, microphone, contact list and phone hardware. Couple this with ‘always-on’ Internet access over EDGE and you have a perfect spying device,”

“It’s going to be such good times,” one blogger wrote after Moore published his findings. “…we have the accessibility/vector. What we need are market saturation (some predict 14M sold by end of 2008,) a mesh networking application (or something to cross-connect the myriad of networking options) and an attractive application to encourage the owners to share amongst each other (say, some funky music sharing application or social networking tie-in, or instant messaging.) That’ll lay the ground work for some very effective malware.”

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