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Office 2007 Silent Deployment

Wrote an e-mail to a friend who was asking about Office 2007 Deployment yesterday. Figured it would make a good post on how to go about creating a silent/unattended install of Office 2007.

In previous versions of Office…specifically I’m thinking of 2003…a silent custom install involved a long hairy command line such as:

setuppro.exe /Settings Files\Custom\Custom_Setup.ini TRANSFORMS=custom.MST /qb!-  /m off11

Yes…that is the actual command line from the SMS 2003 program for Office 2003 that we have used. Now…on to Office 2007. Boy did Microsoft make this easier. Customizations in Office 2007 are handled essentially the same as patches. They are an MSP file that you apply to the installation. And how do you go about creating the MSP? Simple…go to the CD or folder where the Office installation files are and run “setup.exe /admin”. This runs the “Office Customization Tool“. With this tool you can modify most Office setting before a user ever sees the program. You can also control the installation process…entering the product key as well as controlling what level of interaction a user has during the install. You can make it completely interactive or completely hidden…along with several levels in between.

Specifically Joey’s question yesterday was about settings to use when installing Office 2007 via a Task Sequence in SCCM. There are three pre-requisites to a program running in a TS. Continue reading

October 25, 2007 Posted by | ConfigMgr | 11 Comments