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OS for SCCM Install. 32bit or 64bit?

[NOTE: I have revisited this thought process in a more recent blog post. I no longer recommend what I wrote below.] 

Over the last week, I have been emailing a few people and have been hitting various newsgroups, etc looking for info on whether it is best to install SCCM on 32bit Windows Server 2003, or to put it on x64 Windows. Let’s just say that there is room for discussion.

First, SCCM is a 32bit server application. It is not native x64. So you will not be getting a performance bump directly in SCCM by installing it on x64 Windows…matter of fact you will have the overhead of the x64 OS having to operate the 32bit program.

However…SCCM isn’t the only component that will be operating on the box that will impact performance. Depending on what your SCCM architecture looks like Continue reading

October 31, 2007 Posted by | ConfigMgr | 1 Comment


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