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Locked Antlers

I was having a hunting conversation with a co-worker and was showing him the pictures below. My dad found these when I was about three years old. These two very mature bucks had been fighting and got their antlers locked together, and because they couldn’t get their antlers separated, they ended up dying or killing each other. They were found on private property in Mississippi back in November 1974. Somewhere out there is a picture of a very small verbal processor sitting in the center of the antlers.

Just a note: the antlers were locked together hard. Before they were mounted, my dad and someone else tried unsuccessfully to pull them apart. Another note is that both of these deer were large enough to make the Boone and Crockett record book. Clicking on either picture will take you to the higher res version on my Flickr site.

Locked Antlers  Locked Antlers

November 6, 2007 - Posted by | Misc |


  1. There’s not a Mac user on the planet that would have hacked off the heads of two beautiful animals, shoved stuffing inside them where their brains were, and hung them on the wall in some incredibly tacky corner.

    Comment by max | November 29, 2007

  2. Max left comments all over my blog after getting a bit miffed by a couple of my Mac posts. Here is my response to him.

    Comment by Jarvis | November 29, 2007

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