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Response to my Mac posts

Definitely saw a spike in hits and comments from my two Mac posts yesterday. In particular I apparently got under the skin of “max”. He first responded to the post on Why I Do Not Want a Mac…a post where my reasoning was because of how some Mac fanatics treat PC users with disdain. It wasn’t an attack on the technology or on Mac users…it simply stated a truth about the way that some Mac people treat PC users. Max then proceeded to comment on quite a few other posts…

Well, max, you did a great job of being an example of the Mac fanatic. You attacked PC Users, the fact that I go to church, my sofa, my gun ownership, my Peyton Manning post, the fact that I desire to protect my wife, my sense of humor, my sense of humor again, the fact that I enjoy hunting, and you defended a guy who cared more about his DVD player than his child. You did such a great job, that I have to wonder if you are just trying to bait me into attacking back. Sorry bud…even if you treat me with disdain, I will treat you with respect. I’m not perfect in this regard, but my desire is to treat people in a loving manner regardless of how they treat me. Why? Short answer…because you are worth being treated with respect. Long answer…I’ll refer you again to the C.S. Lewis essay from my original post.

I’m not really sure why you felt the need to post so many comments on my blog, but honestly I welcome your comments. I’m more than willing to have a dialog with you…just use my contact page with a real email address. Somehow I doubt you’ll take me up on that, but the invitation stands. Regardless…I hope you have a really good day today.

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  1. UHmmm…..your response clarifies my comment barrage exactly. A Mac user wouldn’t have bothered to respond to what were clearly jokes. Only a Windows user would miss the point.

    Don’t take life so seriously. Or your wife’s safety. I’m sure she’s perfectly safe, and she might find it a little clingy that you’re trying to ‘protect’ her from a bunch of harmless skatekids in a mall carpark. She might worry you might bring out that big gun of yours.

    And a very nice day to you too, Sir!

    Comment by max | November 29, 2007

  2. More attacking because I’m a PC user.

    And as for my wife…apparently you didn’t read the post…she appreciated the fact that I was willing to stand up for her. And no…these were not “harmless skatekids…” They were kids who were intentionally harassing people who were walking by. I had good reason to be on guard.

    And apparently you missed the fact that SHE is the one shooting the gun in that post. :-)

    Comment by Jarvis | November 29, 2007

  3. max,

    a gun “just works”. And it has organic curves and smoothed surfaces and other […], err I mean aesthetic, qualities.

    what would a PC guy use to “protect his wife”? I’m guessing a chainsaw. Loud, messy, inefficient and totally lacking in finesse.

    praise the lord & pass the ammunition.

    Comment by giorgei jorge | November 30, 2007

  4. jarvis, all sarcasm aside, thanks for the CS Lewis essay!

    excellent! :)

    Comment by giorgei jorge | November 30, 2007

  5. “More attacking because I’m a PC user.”

    Ahem. Exactly. That was kind of the point. Didn’t you spot that? I am encouraged to see that my posts continue to be much, much funnier than yours. My posts are like an Octo-Core Powermac, but yours are like an Asus, with plasticy door-cover bits, and those funky 80’s serial port D-connectors that stick out too far with bad fitting plastic and sharp metal bits. Mind you, your jokes cost a lot less than mine, so there is that.

    Meanwhile, giorgei makes an interesting point about guns “just working”. Hmmmm. I may well have been wrong on this matter, I shall have to reconsider my position.

    Comment by max | November 30, 2007

  6. Max…I keep approving all of your comments because each one just further emphasizes my original point…that certain Mac users just can’t treat PC users with respect. Even your posts that attempt to clarify your barrage of posts as jokes continue to treat PC users as a whole with contempt.

    And as for your posts being funnier…well, let’s just say I enjoyed Jon’s response to your comment on his blog. I believe his exact quote was “poorly executed humor”.

    Bro…even your fellow Mac users aren’t defending you.

    Comment by Jarvis | November 30, 2007

  7. “certain Mac users just can’t treat PC users with respect”

    Yer d**n right we can’t! And why should we?! Not only are our computers more betterer, but we can haz cheezburger!

    Comment by max | December 1, 2007

  8. allo,
    I av read zese coments and I vant to say dis von, max is very undresonable. Jus because Jarvis donn vant mac donn make heem stupid, or anyting like dat. I comb dis contry to get avay from pipple like max, und find same ting here. I tink max should take hees mac und cover it weeth da cheeks of hees behind. It might improve dee text he is able to send out.

    Max it ess obvious you are upset because you are stuck wit a mac, but never fear you too can graduate to the vonderful vorld of PC. Dis is a free contry und even you can go beyond drawing pictures and learn hoe to compute. lighten up my friend. Life ess too short to be jealous of pc owner. Go , Go to Valmart und buy good pc for youself, den you be happy too.

    Jarvis you should pray for max, dat he be set free from macittis. I vas und now I am happy. In old contry I only had mac to use. It vould crash almost 3 or 4 times day. If I added fonts it vould scramble text all by itself in a vord document. Wary upsetting to me. So you see max is frustrated by all dat, so pray for heem.

    No fight amongst youselves go shoot a terrorist or zomzing. Do zomezing useful, ya?

    Dank You Wary much.

    Comment by Jim Smith | December 10, 2007

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