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ZTItatoo.wsf–Error 9601: DNS Zone Does Not Exist

Recently I ran into an issue where a task sequence was failing on the Tattoo step of an MDT integrated task sequence. The error that shows up in the Status Message viewer is:

The task sequence execution engine failed executing the action (Tattoo) in the group (Execute Task Sequence) with error code 9601.

The operating system reported error 9601: DNS zone does not exist.

Now…I know that the real error has nothing to do with DNZ zone. That error code was generated by the ZTItatoo.wsf script. Taking a quick look through the MDT documentation (gotta love the search function in Word) for that error code shows what the script thinks is going on…

ERROR – ZTITatoo state restore task should be running in the full OS; aborting.

So…at least I’m on the right track…but I’m in the full OS already…why the bogus error? Looking through the script shows that the script is the value of an environment variable:

If oEnvironment.Item(“OSVersion”) = “WinPE” then

oLogging.ReportFailure “ERROR – ZTITatoo state restore task should be running in the full OS, aborting.”, 9601

End If

The reason I got this error is that I had stripped out a bunch of tasks from the default MDT task sequence…including the Gather task that runs just before the Tatoo task. The Gather tasks sets a ton of variables based on the current state of the system…including the “OSVersion” variable. The only time the Gather task had run in my task sequence was at the very beginning…when it was still in PE. Adding that step back in fixed the issue.


September 19, 2011 - Posted by | ConfigMgr

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