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World’s Best Speed Bump

Just saw this and laughed hysterically. The special effects are pretty good. Having been frustrated at times with the people racing down my street endangering my kids, I have to admit that there is a certain part of me that wishes for more effective ways to slow them down… Hmmm…

Note: It’s in German…I have no idea what the guy is saying.

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Google online storage? Gdrive anyone?

Just saw an article stating that Google is looking to enter the online file storage market. That could be very interesting. I’ve previously written about online data backup (here and here), and this could be another option for that depending on what it looks like when/if it is actually released. I’m very curious as to what the price point will look like with Gdrive or whatever they end up calling it. When my Gmail account currently has over 5GB of free space…I’m very intrigued about what this will look like.

You can read more about it in the Wall Street Journal article that I saw.

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