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MMS Bible Study

The Bible Study at MMS was really good. We spent four mornings going through the book of Philemon. We met in Rod and Megan Trent’s suite at the Venetian. It was a really good time to start the day off with a song or two, a bit of prayer, and some time in the Bible before heading into the crazy MMS schedule. Over the course of the four days we had about fifteen different people in the study. There was a core group that was there every morning. Some people flew out early or were unable to come on certain mornings. It was really neat to be able to connect with people on a personal/spiritual level in the midst of a massive IT conference in the midst of “Sin City”. The picture below was taken Thursday morning. As a group we agreed that this was the “First Annual MMS Bible Study”. Very cool.

From left to right…the “Redfly Guy” (don’t know his name), Brian Leary, Tim Benjamin, Matt Dewell, Joey Gleason, me, John Nelson, John Hendricks, Rod Trent, and Megan Trent. Someone gave Megan the nickname of “myITforum Den Mother”.


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My touch with "fame"

It was truly amazing the number of people who came up to me last week as a result of the video at MMS. All week I had people recognizing me from the video. Some just stopped me to say they liked the video. Quite a few wanted to pick my brain about what I had done with OSD in SCCM. Honestly…it was a lot of fun to be able to meet so many people and to hopefully help out a few.

One of the funniest comments came from Brian Mason. I had met him last year at MMS when I tracked him down to ask for input on deploying patches with ITMU in SMS 2003. Every time he saw me in the hallways after the video he called me a “rock star”. He had me laughing. I really enjoyed a couple of the conversations I had with Brian between/during sessions…the one that we had while skipping the last keynote was exceptionally helpful. Thanks Brian!

I also had a series of funny run-ins on the way home from MMS. As I was in the Southwest Airlines check-in line in Las Vegas, the guy in line behind me was flying to Nashville. He recognized me from the video and made a comment about it. Later, after landing in Orlando, the guy sitting directly in front of me on the plane also mentioned seeing the video. Then…while standing in the baggage claim area waiting on my luggage to come through, I had another guy from the conference come up to me saying something about the video. It was really wild.

To everyone who came up to me throughout the week…thanks for the encouragement. I hope I helped a couple of you. Keep checking back to this site. I will continue to post about the SCCM things that I am working through. Hopefully it will help some of you.

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