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MMS Bible Study

The Bible Study at MMS was really good. We spent four mornings going through the book of Philemon. We met in Rod and Megan Trent’s suite at the Venetian. It was a really good time to start the day off with a song or two, a bit of prayer, and some time in the Bible before heading into the crazy MMS schedule. Over the course of the four days we had about fifteen different people in the study. There was a core group that was there every morning. Some people flew out early or were unable to come on certain mornings. It was really neat to be able to connect with people on a personal/spiritual level in the midst of a massive IT conference in the midst of “Sin City”. The picture below was taken Thursday morning. As a group we agreed that this was the “First Annual MMS Bible Study”. Very cool.

From left to right…the “Redfly Guy” (don’t know his name), Brian Leary, Tim Benjamin, Matt Dewell, Joey Gleason, me, John Nelson, John Hendricks, Rod Trent, and Megan Trent. Someone gave Megan the nickname of “myITforum Den Mother”.


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Bible Study at MMS – follow up

After my post earlier in the week about the possibility of having a Bible Study time at MMS, I got some great responses, so the Bible Study is on! For those of you who have let me know that you are interested, I will be sending you details later about what/where/when. If you are interested, but haven’t let me know so yet, please do. It will help me make sure that we have a place to meet that is adequate in size.

I want to give a big thank you to Rod Trent for mentioning the Bible Study on his blog and featuring it in the Daily Newsletter on April 9. That definitely helped get the word out faster than my little blog!

So…if you are interested or would like more information about the Bible Study, send me a message. If you know of others who will be at MMS and might be interested in the Bible Study, please let them know about it and have them contact me.

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Bible Study or Prayer Time at MMS?

Over the last couple of years I have made contact with quite a few people in the SMS/SCCM community who have let me know that they are a Christians. Typically the conversation came up when they found out that I work for a non-profit ministry.

Last year at MMS I wondered if there would be any interest in having a Bible Study or prayer time during MMS, and wanted to throw out this idea to see who would be interested, and if so what type of time people would be interested in. Right now the idea is really wide open. Some ideas of what it could be…

  • A daily 15-30 minute Bible Study (before breakfast maybe?). I could adapt the material that I have been teaching at my church on the book of Philemon.
  • A single longer Bible study at some point during the week.
  • Daily short prayer time.
  • Any other time for the above that could work with the really busy MMS schedule.

So…what level of interest and availability would you have for something like that? Let me know via my contact form, and I will gather the responses and send out an email to let you know what (if anything) we will end up doing.

[Update: The Bible Study will be happening. Check out this update. I still need to know if you are interested so that I can arrange for the proper size place for us to meet.]

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