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MMS "Hangover"

No…the hangover does not refer to alcohol…didn’t have even one alcoholic beverage at MMS. It refers to a whole combination of things that adds up to my body simply being spent from last week.

Some of it is the really busy schedule. Some of it is my lack of discipline in actually going to bed at a reasonable time. Some of it is the jet lag of going from Florida time to Nevada time and back. Some of it is from getting dehydrated in the desert. Some of it is the significant jump in my caffeine intake last week…coffee and Diet Coke were nearly essential to keeping me alert for some sessions. But now my body is going through caffeine withdrawal.

What it all adds up to is that I’m just all over shot today. The tank is empty. I’m done. And I think my body has worn down enough that I’m going to get sick…I think I have a sinus infection coming on. I would appreciate your prayers for my health.

I’m going home early today.

May 5, 2008 Posted by | life | | 2 Comments