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When the belly button pops…

Julie saw a shirt recently that read “When the belly button pops, you’re done!” I was highly amused.

Anyway, last night as we were going to bed, I reached over and had my hand on Julie’s belly…she has a little “bump” which is how I’ve been referring to the baby…”bump”. It just so happened that the way my hand was positioned, the tip of my middle finger was on her belly button. Then she coughed…and I felt the belly button pop out. She coughed again, and it popped out again. I started laughing, but she had no idea why. Once I told her, we both were dying laughing. We laughed so hard that we both ended up going into coughing fits after a few minutes.

It was so nice being able to laugh with her. That is the first time we have laughed together in the last couple of months because of the morning sickness. It was fun seeing her laughing and enjoying something related to this pregnancy!

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Pregnancy Turnaround

For all those who have prayed for Julie’s morning-sickness, thank you. It appears to have broken on Saturday. We were talking that morning, and Julie mentioned that she really wasn’t sure if the anti-nausea medication that she was on was really doing any good. Matter of fact, there were times that she felt more sick after taking it, so she stopped taking it on Saturday. That evening she ate a full meal, and asked for dessert, and did NOT feel sick afterwards. First time in two months that has happened.

Sunday was an okay day. Then came Monday. I walked in the house after work and immediately went “Wow”. Did we hire a maid that I didn’t know about? Julie had a phenomenal day and had cleaned the entire house. This from the woman who just the week before was getting sick moving from the bed to the couch and back. She has been feeling really good all week. It has been so nice seeing some life in her eyes and hearing some spark in her voice.

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