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A Few Life Changes

It’s been a while since I posted. I had one friend ask me if the RSS feed was broken because he hadn’t seen any posts in a while. No…it works just fine…it just requires that I actually post something! There have been a few not insignificant life changes going on in my life since my last post on August 4.

First, after a considerable amount of prayer and soul-searching, Julie and I made the decision to leave the missionary staff of Campus Crusade for Christ. We had each served with CCC for over fifteen years. It was a good time and a great place to work. We left behind lots of friends…a ton of really great people who are doing great work for Jesus Christ.

Second, I made the decision to step out of working in a corporate IT environment (the type of work that I had done at CCC) and move into an IT consulting arena. Professionally, consulting is something that I have been considering for a while. It is an opportunity to be challenged and to learn more technology and learn it faster than I would ever be able to do in any single corporate IT department.

Third, we moved from Orlando to Minneapolis. Yep…from Florida to Minnesota. And yes…nearly everyone up here has asked us the question, “Why?” It’s almost like they are all asking…”why would you do something stupid like that?” So far the weather has been nice…personally I never liked the brutal humidity in Orlando. Ask me in a couple of months when we are at 20 below zero…maybe I’ll acknowledge the insanity then. :-)

So, here I am. Living in Rogers MN. Julie is eight months pregnant. I’ve been working as a consultant for three weeks so far…and yes…I like it. I’m working for a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner named Virteva. We are currently renting a home from a very nice couple while we wait on our home in Orlando to sell. So…if you would like to buy a home in Orlando…consider buying ours.

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