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Baby Davis – Coming Soon!!!

We were at the doctor for Julie’s weekly OB checkup. We had already been talking with the doctor about scheduling the birth. With Julie’s history of rapid labor (two babies…a total of 5 hours and 20 minutes of labor), we are very concerned about just getting to the hospital in time. On top of that…Julie has said that with Marybeth she wouldn’t have realized that she was even in labor until transition…which was 20 minutes and a couple of good pushes from birth.

[Stop rambling Jarvis…get to the point of the post] (also…if you don’t want pregnancy details…stop reading now)

Anyway…during the checkup, we were talking with the doctor to schedule the birth for next Tuesday (November 4). When she checked for dilation/effacement/station, she got this surprised look on her face and said, “Wow! You are three centimeters, and the baby is REALLY low. I hope you make it til Tuesday.” We were a bit surprised…Julie was 2cm on Friday and hadn’t had a ton of strong contractions since then, so we weren’t expecting that.

Now…this is where you come in. We really need you to pray that this baby holds off til Tuesday. The hospital won’t schedule an elective induction before that day…and we really don’t want to have the doctors that are on call before Tuesday.

So…check back Tuesday/Wednesday. The hospital has wireless internet, so I should be able to post the birth announcement with pictures here reasonably quickly.

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Unattend.xml – case sensitive tags

I’ve been working with a custom unattend.xml file during an OSD deployment at a client location this week. There have been some issues with the unattend.xml file. In the midst of it, I learned something about XML that I didn’t know. Tags are case sensitive. I had assumed it was similar to HTML where tags are not case sensitive.

Anyway, there were a couple of places where the opening tag was <path> and the closing tag of the element was </Path>. No dice. The tags needed to match…the opening tag needed to be <Path>. Now I know.

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Gas Prices – the “1” watch

Over the last few weeks, gas prices have been dropping like a rock. I’m paying a full dollar/gallon less now than I paid about 3 1/2 weeks ago. All of the stations in the little town I live in are currently sitting at $2.19, and they seem to drop the price a little more every few days. So…what I’m looking for now…is for the 2 to go away. I’m looking for the first gas station to drop below $2/gallon.

Interestingly, in talking to friends from around the country…none of them are even close to this price. Most are at least 30 cents/gallon higher

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