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Death By Slidedeck

Over the last couple of days, we have been starting going through a Desktop Deployment Planning Service (DDPS) at a client. A DDPS is essentially a planning service that helps a company understand the tools, best practices and processes for everything in the arena of desktop deployment…operating system image creation/deployment, application deployment/packaging, patching, user state migration, security, Office config/deployment, etc.

The first three days of a DDPS are going through a series of PowerPoint slidedecks looking at all of those issues, discovering what is true of the client’s current environment and processes, helping them determine where in the IO Model they would like to end up, and then mapping out a plan for getting them there. There are a lot of slidedecks. A lot of long slidedecks. Over the last two days I talked through eleven and a half hours of slidedecks. I’m beat. I have rarely been so ready to see a weekend.

February 6, 2009 - Posted by | ConfigMgr

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  1. We do the DDPS and I couldn’t agree more. We tend to bin off much of the slides and use them as an aid to lab work. We set up a lab on the second day and run through practical stuff. The slides are then used to deep dive select elements of the DDPS as they come up in the labs. We found this works well for us and the customers are ever grateful they don’t have to sit through the slide decks, plus they are left with a fully working lab which includes ConfigMgr, App-V, OSD and a handful of sequenced applications.

    Comment by Carl | April 23, 2009

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