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Full Screen Reading – Shortcut Key

One of the features of Word 2007 that I like is the “Full Screen Reading” mode. It really makes it easier to read/review a doc…especially a long one. Matter of fact…I do most of my editing in that mode as well. Most of the docs I work with are long, so pulling it up in full screen reading mode…(two pages on my 1920×1200 laptop screen) makes it easy to see where I am in the document as I am reading/editing. Definitely helps in maintaining the flow of the doc.

So…I switch to reading mode frequently. I also love keyboard shortcuts. Full Screen Reading mode does not have a keyboard shortcut assigned to it as far as I have been able to discover. So…I created my own. This is fairly basic, but here it is in case you’ve never seen how to do it…

Choose the Office “Orb” (top left corner of Word), then Word Options, then Customize, then click the Customize button to open the Customize Keyboard dialog box. In the “Categories” field, select “View Tab”. Then in the “Commands” field, select “ReadingModeLayout”. Click in the “Press new shortcut key” field, then choose what you want the new shortcut key to be. I choose Alt + F…hold down the Alt key and press the F key. This should show something like “Alt+F” in that field…then click “Assign”. That’s it. I now have my Full Screen Reading shortcut key.

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  1. Thank you for this! I’ve been trying to do this for a long time. Thanks for sharing. -Dave

    Comment by David Bradley | June 5, 2009

  2. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much!

    Comment by Jeff | July 2, 2009

  3. Jarvis, thanks a lot for this, there was a small journey among the commands, it would have taken me some time to find it, but you made it easier for me.
    Keep on sharing PC Experience! :)

    Comment by Florian | October 1, 2009

  4. Excellent! This is a natural function that should already have been implemented by default. I use F11 like in Firefox! Thanks an ocean!

    Comment by E:V:A | December 21, 2009

  5. Actually there is a shortcut for the fullscreen reading mode. But u cannot directly use it. You have to use a combination of 2 keyboard shortcuts to do this. Just Keep pressing the Alt button and Press ‘W’ then ‘F’. (Alt + W + F). That’s it!

    Comment by NJM | May 11, 2010


    Comment by shh | May 1, 2011

  7. THANK YOU!!!!!!! This makes my life so much easier!!!!!

    Comment by Mike | July 21, 2012

  8. Thanks VERY much !!! :D great post

    Comment by Josip | March 12, 2013

  9. Thanks a lot friend!!
    Greeting form India :)

    Comment by Utkarsh Singh | August 10, 2013

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