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Spring in Minnesota

henrywoods1Spring has arrived in Minnesota. Matter of fact, last Saturday my family got to watch it arrive in a really dramatic way. We went for a short hike in Henry’s Woods near Rogers. This is land that was given to Hassan Township by the Henry family for use as a park.

As we were hiking along, we were walking up the side of a frozen over streambed. As we were coming up on a bend in the stream, we saw water flowing down. This water was slowly making it’s way downstream, melting its way through the streambed. We followed it downstream for probably an hour just watching it slowly meander around the bends until it connected with another melted area at the far end of the property just before it went under the road. It was really fascinating watching this happen. When we first saw it, I didn’t have my digital camera to take any decent quality pictures or video…just my cell phone. I raced home to grab my camera and head back to get some good pictures and video. Here is a video of what we saw…

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