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Google Arrogance

Okay…a few things to get out of the way at the beginning of this post. After Microsoft announced Bing Search, I evaluated it as a possible replacement for Google’s search. I have been very impressed…I have found that I can actually get better results at the top of the search list using Bing than Google.

However on the Maps side of things…Bing has some catching up to do. I love the fact that Google Maps allows you to drag the route line to another road to change the route. Until Bing Maps has that, I will be using Google Maps for directions. Where Bing does have a serious leg up is with the “Bird’s Eye” view. It is really really good. Check out the differences between these two links to maps of the Campus Crusade for Christ headquarters where I used to work. (Google / Bing)

Now…on to the real reason for this post.

Over the weekend I got really annoyed with Google. Because I like Google’s Map function better, I decided to install the Google Mobile app on my Moto Q9c smartphone (which is running Windows Mobile 6.1). After installing the app and then switching to my home screen, I was annoyed to see that Google chose to install the app such that it changes the home screen…making itself the top app on the home screen. I was able to move it using cHomeConfigurator which I already had installed, but the fact that they chose to replace the top item on the home screen is not only annoying, it’s just plain arrogant.

Additionally, after moving the app off of the top of my home screen and playing with a couple of the Google apps, I locked my phone…and Google appeared in the top left corner of my screen. Again…Google…what the heck were you thinking?

 Google1 Google2

August 31, 2009 - Posted by | Misc

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