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Visio Stencil for Configuration Manager 2012

Over the years I have used the Visio stencil for Configuration Manager 2007 that is on (Thanks Rod!). It’s been great for creating diagrams of a Configuration Manager hierarchy for various clients. With Configuration Manager 2012 on the horizon, I’ve already done a design for a reasonably large client, and I’m prepping  my session for MMS which is about hierarchy simplification…having a Visio Stencil for CM2012 would be really hand. I’ve looked multiple times…have not been able to locate a Visio stencil for 2012 anywhere. Had searched every search term I could think of…had called Brian Mason (Configuration Manager MVP) and he didn’t know where to find one. Basically I had completely struck out.

Last night I was emailing Stefan Schorling (another Configuration Manager MVP) about something unrelated and at the last second thought to ask if he knew where I could get one. SCORE!!! This morning Stefan had emailed back with a link to Jean-Sébastien DUCHÊNE’s blog (yet another Configuration Manager MVP) where he has posted a Visio stencil for Configuration Manager 2012! A huge thanks to Stefan for sending the link and to Jean-Sébastien for creating and posting the stencil!

The reason it never turned up in my searches was I kept searching on “visio stencil” (with the quotes). Because Jean-Sébastien’s site is in French, those words are reversed…a search for “stencil visio” would have found the link.

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