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Windows 8 and Cisco VPN Client

I have run across this issue when installing both the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client and the “regular” Cisco VPN client. Once the client is installed and you attempt to establish the VPN connection you might get one of the following messages: “Unable to establish VPN” or “The VPN client driver encountered an error.”

SNAGHTML10ce074  SNAGHTML10d0fed

The fix is really simple…you simply need to change the Display Name in the registry. Open the following registry key and take out the INF garbage at the front of the Display Name. Note that only one of these may exist depending on which VPN client you have installed…for that matter…I can’t remember the exact key for the regular VPN client…but I’m 99% that it is one of the second two…if the DisplayName has INF garbage in the value…that is the one.




September 17, 2012 - Posted by | Windows 8


  1. Thanks, Jarvis. I’ve not yet jumped to Win 8, but I suspect I will soon (hooray for MAPS). One of my clients uses Cisco AnyConnect VPN and now I know how to help them!

    Comment by Jason Buckner | September 17, 2012

  2. it works for me, thank you

    Comment by Jorgen | October 10, 2012

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