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Word 2013–Nice Feature

The company I work for is in the TAP program for Lync 2013. As a result, a bunch of us have Lync 2013 and Office 2013 installed on our production computers. There are a lot of features I like…here is a very cool one. I opened up a doc that I was working on yesterday…it opens to the first page of the doc like you would expect, then a pop out balloon opens from the bottom right side of the program asking if I’d like to go back to the last page I was working on when I closed the doc. Very nice!


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Java–Disable Auto Update Check

For a while now I have been being annoyed by Java pestering me to update. Each time I went to the app in the system tray and unchecked the “Check for Updates Automatically” box. However, if you immediately went back into the app, the checkbox was still checked. Highly annoying.

I came across a forum post that answers the issue. Basically it is poor programing from Sun. In order for the setting to actually be set, the Java Control Panel has to run with Admin rights. Instead of the app prompting to elevate, it just fails to set the setting. Come on Sun…figure out how to work with a modern operating system. This has been part of the security model since Vista…and you still don’t have it figured out with Windows 8 being deployed? Get with the program!

To fix this, you will need to open the Java Control Panel with admin rights. First, locate javacpl.exe at one of the following locations:

  • c:\Program Files\Java\jre<versionnumber>\bin\javacpl.exe
  • c:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre<versionnumber>\bin\javacpl.exe

Right click javacpl.exe and choose “Run as administrator”:


Go to the “Update” tab, and clear the “Check for Updates Automatically” checkbox.


The setting will actually take effect this time!

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