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  1. I have the same problem but I just having 12 character long password.

    I heard something that a local account must be setup on the client machine?

    Comment by clubber | March 12, 2008

  2. No, a local account doesn’t need to be set up on the client machine, although the Client Push Account does need admin rights on the client machine…which can be accomplished via Group Policy.

    If your account is showing up as gibberish, I’m wondering if you have any special characters in your account name (or password for that matter)? It’s possible that something like that could cause the same type of results. I know I’ve seen that when using a batch file to change the local admin password on a machine…it didn’t like me using an “&” in the password, but was completely fine with me using “@”. That’s a long shot, but worth exploring.

    Comment by Jarvis | March 12, 2008

  3. In response to clubber’s comment, I was talking this issue over with a friend this week, and he mentioned that there is also an issue if that password has a space in it. I have not confirmed this, but he is someone that I typically trust his comments without confirming them on my own. So…perhaps the password has a space in it that the process is gacking on. Just a thought. (And actually, that is just another flavor of the special character thing I mentioned in my first comment.)

    Comment by Jarvis | March 19, 2008

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