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SCCM Reference Sites

I’ve spent a ton of time learning SCCM from various resources. I just discovered another one today, and figured there are probably others out there who are also looking for information related to SCCM. Here are the sites that I have found to be the most useful.

This is a great place to get help from the user community. Response times are typically pretty good, and there are some folks on there that are really brilliant. I try to help when someone asks a question that I know about, but I am by no means one of the experts on the forum. My username on the forum is jdavis375.

Technet Forums

The best thing about this forum is that members of the SCCM product team are answering the questions (at least they are right now). I have gotten very timely definitive answers on the posts that I have left here.

OSD Technet Blog

Just found this one today. Pretty good resource for certain aspects of Operating System Deployment in SCCM.

SCCM Documentation Library

Need to read the manual? Here it is. Personally I have been frustrated with this. The documentation isn’t live updated…updates come in chunks. Also…I’ve had trouble finding the information that I am looking for in the documentation. Most of the time, the info is there…I just can’t locate it. Even searching is of limited use. Maybe I’m missing something, but I haven’t been able to find a way to limit the search to just the SCCM section…it returns results from all of Technet. Still a good resource…I just have issues with it.

Tim’s Blog’s just one post, but it’s a really good post. Tim has lots of knowledge…just not lots of time to put that knowledge on his blog. However, if you have dealt with SPN issues related to using a remote database in an SCCM install, you need to look at this post.

Rod Trent’s Blog

A few of Rod’s articles have helped me. In particular, the one on subselect queries…I no longer fear them.

Sherry Kissinger’s Blog

Sherry is one of the “really brilliant” people that I referred to above. She has responded to a couple of my questions…always with good information. She is a Microsoft MVP for SMS.

If anyone reading this knows of other good resources, leave a comment to let the rest of us know about them.

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