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Why I Do Not Want a Mac

A bit of background…I’m an IT professional. My expertise is in the arena of enterprise level systems management. I have been working with Microsoft systems for approximately thirteen years. Occasionally I’ll get asked something similar to “why don’t you want a Mac”, “don’t you wish you had a Mac”, etc. Normally I just politely answer that, no…I don’t want a Mac…and go about my business.

I’ve been considering this blog post for a while and finally decided to write out the primary reason that I do not now…or any time soon…want a Mac.

Primarily…the reason I do not want a Mac…certain Mac users…not all of them…just the arrogant ones. Everyone knows the ones I’m talking about. They aren’t just Mac users…they have joined the Cult of Apple. They proselytize on behalf of a computer. (To paraphraseFake Steve“.) And…way too often…they treat non-Mac fanatics like they are idiots…people who simply aren’t bright enough to see that Apple is in all ways superior.

It can’t possibly be that some people actually prefer a PC. It can’t possibly be that Microsoft has ever done anything right. Can’t possibly be that there are valid reasons for a user to want a Windows system instead. And heaven forbid…don’t dare say that Windows might actually be better at something than a Mac…that’s heresy punishable by a flogging with iPod earbuds. No…the simple answer for Mac Cultists is that Windows users are just stupid. Give them a condescending pat on the head and send them away…maybe they will get a real computer someday.

And as for Apple…the company seems to want to foster that mindset. Their “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” commercials certainly lend themselves to this.

Now I have to say…not all Mac users are like this. I am referring to the Mac cultists. Those who are snobby about their computer choice. Those who treat non-Mac people with disdain. Those who can’t speak of a PC except with a condescending tone of voice. Perhaps they don’t realize that they are treating people this way. Perhaps they simply don’t realize what they sound like. It might do them good to read this essay by C.S. Lewis on how we should treat those around us. (It would do all of us good to read that article…I know I need to be reminded often…even as I write this post.) And honestly…when people act like that…they just aren’t a lot of fun to be around. I’m not an idiot…I just have a different computer preference.

If you want to win people over to using a Mac…you’d be more successful by being nice.

So…with all that said…do I want a Mac? Simply…no.

November 28, 2007 - Posted by | tech


  1. Welll…….Windows users ARE just stupid. And they have, like really bad taste in clothes, and their breath usually stinks. And then they have these huge big toys around their monitors…and they think Comedy Central is, like, HILARIOUS, and SNL is almost funnier. PC users also drive, like, Cadillacs and Fords, and think that movies with big explosions are just the sh**. And they tend to be really, really bad at cooking. And have bad haircuts.

    Only interesting, talented people use Macs. We don’t want people like you to use Macs anyway, as you’ll just ruin them and make them boring too, like everything else in your life.

    Comment by max | November 28, 2007

  2. Oh right. One other thing – PC users almost inevitably have terrible music taste. No-one who likes Styx, Kansas or Insane Clown Posse owns a Mac, I can tell you that. It’s been scientifically proven.

    Comment by max | November 28, 2007

  3. Max left comments all over my blog after getting a bit miffed by a couple of my Mac posts. Here is my response to him.

    Comment by Jarvis | November 29, 2007

  4. […] I briefly skimmed over a post yesterday about Jarvis’ reasons for not wanting a Mac, I thought to myself that this is definitely not a new sentiment. I’ve heard this before, and […]

    Pingback by One bad apple… | Geek stuff | November 29, 2007

  5. Wow Max, I guess you deserve congratulations for proving Jarvis’ point so eloquently.

    Nothing to do with Mac users vs. PC users, you don’t appear worthy of attention from anyone.

    Comment by RobM | November 29, 2007

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