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Suicide Prevention Resources

In a recent letter I referenced some suicide and depression resources that I would post. Here they are. Basic gist of the letter is that a former co-worker and one of my uncles committed suicide within a month of each other. It definitely got me thinking a bit about what would drive someone to that point…as well as wanting to be able to be to point to some resources that could help someone overcome that temptation.

As always, Julie and I are available to talk if you are struggling. If you need to reach us, you can use the contact page to send me a message.

There are a ton of suicide prevention resources on the internet. I’ve just linked a few that I found that seemed likely to be helpful.

Links to resources on Henry Cloud and John Townsend’s website for:

Resources from FamilyLife

Two websites from Focus on the Family

Sermon resources that John Piper has preached on suicide in the past:

A site titled “If you are thinking about suicide…read this first.” [Disclaimer: Much of this site is really good. However there is one aspect I noticed on this site that I disagree with. It states that suicide is neither right nor wrong…that it is morally neutral. That’s just not so.]

Here is what seems to be the motherlode of links aimed at survivors of suicide.

Rich Mullins wrote a song titled “Verge of a Miracle“. It was written for a boy who attempted suicide. The link is to an intro that Rich gave at a live performance of the song along with the words to the song. The YouTube link below is to the song itself.

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