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Print Server Migration

We have been doing a migration from an older print server to a new one. I worked with the print server administrator to write a script that would make it easier to migrate workstations over to the new server. He had already duplicated the printer shares from the old server to the new one. We just needed a way to point the workstations to the new server. Here is what we wanted the script to do:

  • read all network printers into an array
  • read default printer into a variable
  • delete all network printers that start with \\OldPrintServer
  • add back all of the printers in the network printers array but use \\NewPrintServer as the servername
  • If the original default printer was a network printer…set it back to that same name on the new server.

Here is what I came up with. There may be issues with line wrapping below. It is also available for download.

‘   Print Server Migration Script

‘    Author:            Jarvis Davis
‘    Company:        Campus Crusade for Christ
‘    Creation Date:    May 29, 2008

‘    Purpose:        To migrate workstations from one print server to another
‘                         while maintaining the same printer names and default printer.

‘    Assumption:        This is assuming that you have already migrated the printer
‘                    objects from one print server to another, and that the printer
‘                    share names have stayed the same.

‘    General Flow:
‘    * read all network printers into an array

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