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computer rebuild

Weird thing…files just started disappearing from my desktop. They were there when I shut down. They weren’t there when I turned it on the next morning. Happened on two seperate occasions. Can’t trust it anymore…time for a rebuild.

Stinky thing is that I just rebuilt the thing in March. This may be the shortest life a computer rebuild has had with me. Bummer is that after the “standard” office install…I have more than 30 other programs and modifications to make for my install. Special text editors, plugins for Outlook, system admin programs, etc. Not to mention that backing up my data took well over an hour this morning. I’ve got a lot of “stuff” that needs to be culled.

I also think I’m going to change how I use my personal area on the network. Instead of syncing offline, I’m going to experiment with saving everything to the “My Documents” area and using RoboCopy to back it up to my personal area…with compression if RC supports that. We’ll see.

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