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Outlook 2007 RSS Feeds installed by default

Ran into this this morning. It appears that by default, Outlook 2007 installs with a few RSS feeds being pulled down. (See the screenshot below taken from a co-worker’s computer.) I didn’t realized that this was going on. The M$ at Home and M$ at Work are pre-populated with stuff going back to January 2005. The MSNBC News one starts when you install. I installed September 27, 2006. I had over 1000 items in that folder (MSNBC News)…taking up 5MB of my mailbox…and I didn’t know it was there!!!

Unless IT people disable this early on in their deployment of Office 2007, this could quickly eat up a lot of users’ mailbox space that users don’t know about and/or don’t care about. This shouldn’t have much effect on Exchange disk space because of single instance storage. I’m more concerned with users’ mailbox limits. In three and a half months, this grew to over 5MB on my system…In one year, this would be 20MB. My mailbox limit is 60MB. That would be a third of my mailbox taken up with garbage that a typical user wouldn’t even know is there…or care if they did know it was there.

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