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One of the seemingly constant frustrations that Julie and I have had is the amazing amount of stuff that our daughters drop on the floor while eating. Cereal, crumbs, cheese…you name it. It looks terrible and gets tracked all over the house.

Well…I finally had enough this week. I started the battle to eliminate floor crud…eventually shortened to simply “flud“.

We are working with our daughters to get them to first of all eat like ladies. “Ladies don’t have flud under their seats.” They are also required to clean up their own flud. To give extra incentive…they don’t get any dessert until all the flud is gone.

So far it has worked well. They are dropping less on the floor. They are cheerfully cleaning up what they do drop. And Julie and I don’t have to deal with the unsightly mess!!!

It also seems to help to have a bit of “silliness factor” thrown in…”flud“…where the heck did that come from?

January 28, 2007 - Posted by | kids |

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