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Access Denied (Part 2)

[Note: This is part 2 of a three part series. You might want to check out Part 1 and Part 3 as well.]

Spent eight and a half hours on the phone with Microsoft yesterday. We ended up not resetting the secure channel. Another Microsoft guy from the Directory Services team got on the line and wanted to do some more testing. Honestly I was getting perturbed with him because it looked like he was just doing the same things that we had already done the day before. However, three hours into the call…around noon…he discovered something. If we attempted to connect to a 32 bit server, using the netbios name resolution (i.e. \\server1\share1) we got access denied. However, if we connected using the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) (i.e. \\\share1) it worked like it was supposed to. So…Access Denied didn’t really mean that we didn’t have permission in this instance. It meant that it couldn’t figure out what I was trying to access.

So, why was I still on the phone for another five and a half hours? Because our files are not specifically on a standard server share. They are on a Distributed File System (DFS) share in Active Directory. This is a share at the domain level…not at the server level. That name is already an FQDN…yet it still gave access denied. That issue is still not resolved. The Microsoft guys will be calling me back on Monday afternoon to continue working. I really hope we are able to resolve this soon. I’m honestly tired of working on it…and it’s not like I don’t have a LOT more work that I could be doing!

One funny note from Friday. We are using an “Easy Assist” session for this troubleshooting. This is a way that the Microsoft guys can see the system and even allows me to give them control, so that they can “drive” the session. Over the course of the day, we kept opening more Remote Desktop sessions to other servers, more Explorer windows, more command prompts, etc. At one point it struck me how many windows we had open, so I counted them. At that time we had 23 windows open. It kept going up and down by a few for the rest of the time. It was comical to see that many windows open at once.


May 19, 2007 - Posted by | tech


  1. Only 23 windows open at once? Amateur.

    Comment by Dave | March 19, 2008

  2. I had a similar problem and found your post – I however could use pushd to map anything I wanted from the site server system account, but when I tried to update packages I was still getting ‘Access Denied’.

    After looking in distmgr.log on the site server, everything became clear – basically there was an Excel document in the package share which I had open on my workstation. Excel had locked the file and the site server was unable to copy it, and returned an ‘access denied’.

    Closing the file on my workstation resolved the issue.


    Comment by Dave | March 19, 2008

  3. Dave…excellent example of how something really simple like an open file can cause cryptic errors.

    Comment by Jarvis | March 19, 2008

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