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Yesterday I got a phone call from my four year old. She was excited. Really really excited. So excited that I couldn’t understand what she was saying. I finally made out the phrases “beat Mommy” and “triple jump” from which I deduced she was talking about checkers. At that point I figured that Julie had played checkers with her and had let her win, and that Marybeth was very excited about “beating” Mommy.

Then Julie got on the phone. Her first words let me know that I hadn’t exactly gotten the story correct. “WHAT did you teach her?” Turns out that Marybeth beat Julie fair and square! Julie started by playing easy and letting Marybeth get a couple of jumps. Then Julie started hearing Marybeth thinking out loud… “if I move there Mommy will jump me, but if I move here then I’m safe.” And that’s exactly what she did…she made all safe moves. Julie was forced into taking moves that got her jumped. At one point Julie makes a move and Marybeth proceeds to triple jump her…something Julie didn’t see until Marybeth had started the jumping. A bit later she followed that up with a double jump.

In the end, Marybeth just plain won. She was understandably excited, and Julie was stating that she wasn’t going to let her guard down next time!

Just a note…I didn’t intentionally teach her anything! I played with her last week helping her beat her sister, but all I did was tell her where to move. Apparently she learned by watching.

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Colorado Rockies, Part 2

Following up on my previous post about the Rockies.

Last night they made it to the World Series. They have won 21 of their last 22 games.

In light of what I wrote in the previous post…I’m still rooting for them. Mike Coolbaugh’s widow benefits from every win they have through the post season.>1=10539

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