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Photography Spurts

One of my hobbies is photography. It typically goes in spurts. I’ll go for a long time without taking any pictures…then will go a couple of months and take a ton. This summer was a spurt. In a six week period I took almost 850 pictures on my digital camera. No way that I could have ever afforded my photography with a film camera!

I’ve started a Flickr site and uploaded some of my favorites. Most are from that spurt this summer. Most have not been retouched from what came off of the camera other than cropping. A couple have been retouched a bit. I’m no expert…I just did what looked the best to me with what I had. I’ve posted a bunch of them on my photography page. The Flickr site has better quality images, although you won’t see the difference on your computer screen.

As for what I use for editing pictures. I really like the power of Paint.Net. It’s really powerful…and free! I also use Microsoft Office Picture Manager that is part of Office 2007. I also use Windows Photo Gallery that is part of Windows Vista. I typically use Photo Gallery more for managing photos than editing. I’m probably 50/50 on which of the first two I use…depends on what I’m trying to do. Basic cropping and retouching probably gets Picture Manager. It’s just really simple to use. More advanced stuff gets Paint.Net.

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  1. You’ve got some great pictures there Jarvis. I’m still trying to catch up on tagging all of mine with Photo Gallery.

    Comment by Philip | October 29, 2007

  2. Thanks for the kind words Philip…and thanks for first introducing me to Paint.Net. What an awesome free program! Used it in particular on the “Tree on Horsetooth Rock Trail” shot. (Inverted colors and played with the curves feature.) As for tagging…I tag my new photos…definitely haven’t taken the time to tag all of the ones that I took before discovering Photo Gallery in Vista. Man I like that program.

    Comment by Jarvis | October 29, 2007

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