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NASCAR and the California fire victims

I’m a NASCAR fan. Not as big a fan as my neighbor with the “8AFTER3” license plate and the Dale Earnhardt memorial tattoo…but a fan nonetheless. I watch the races. I have a couple of preferred drivers.

As I write this, I’m watching the Pep Boys Auto 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. I just heard the announcers say something about Jimmy Johnson. JJ is going to donate all of his winnings from today’s race to the California fire victims. That’s cool…but it’s not all. The racetrack owner (I think that’s who it is) heard about it and committed to matching that donation. Then JJ’s sponsor, Lowe’s, heard about it and committed to matching the donation. Then Hendrick Motorsports (who Jimmy drives for) also committed to matching it.

Currently JJ is running third. If he finishes in the top ten, that could mean a million or more dollars for the fire victims. Very cool.

Update: JJ finished first. Cool for him…great for those affected by the fires in California. His winnings totaled $349,561. The way I understood it, that is being matched by three other companies/people and being sent to the American Red Cross California Wildfire Relief Effort.

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