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Fake cashiers check scam

I’m currently trying to sell our minivan on On Saturday, I got a phone call from a potential buyer. It was a phone call through one of the services for the deaf…so I’m talking to an operator who is reading to me what the other person is typing and then typing what I say in response. The caller made an offer that sounded good, then e-mailed me with details for closing the sale. However through the entire call, I just had feeling that this was a scam. Why would a person in Wisconsin want to buy an eight year old van in Florida that is listed as “fair” condition? That just doesn’t make sense.

As soon as I got the email, I knew that I was right. It was a fake cashiers check scam. Basic gist was that he was “offering” to send me a cashiers check for more than the purchase amount and have me wire the balance to him. Sorry dude…I may have been born at night…but it wasn’t last night. What made it even funnier was the name that the scammer used. Shawn Combs. Dude! P Diddy wants to buy my eight year old minivan! Yeah…right.

So…my first inclination is to send back a nasty email. Then I thought for a second. Naw…I don’t want to send an e-mail that he will just delete. If possible, I want to screw his world. I called the Secret Service instead. (Since the scam involves something with the US monetary system, it falls under the purview of the Secret Service…matter of fact…in case you didn’t know it, that is where the Secret Service originally came from…to protect the integrity of US Currency.) I faxed all the info to them this morning, but I doubt they are going to be able to do anything with it. Most likely the guy is overseas somewhere.

Anyway…here is the text of the message from scammer. All misspellings are left intact. I Googled an entire paragraph from the message and found someone else who got the exact message. BTW….there is a Janeville, WI…but there is not a “Flat Top Rd” in Janesville.

Thanks for the relay phone conversation,Everything about the vehicle description on the internet is alright with me.This is my offer,I would like to purchase the vehicle for $2600 and payment method will be through a cashier’s check and it will be sent to you as soon as I have your information,I want you to understand that I also restore and customise vehicle then resell it in my workshop, so no matter the condition of the vehicle I would buy it like that because i’m still going to work on it before I resell it.

Regarding the shipping ,I have my personal shipper agent that takes good care of my consignments and ship them to there variuos destination.So my Shiping company will come for the pickup arrangement of the vehicle at your place when you have recieve the full payment at hand.

Talking about the payment, I want you to understand that the  cashier’s check will be in the amount of $5500.So you will have to cashed the check then deduct your cost price for the vehicle and send the remaining funds to the shipping company through Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gramm Transfer as to confirm the pickup arrangement of the vehicle at your Place..I will instruct you with the shipper’s information and how you will complete the transaction when you recieve the payment. I will offer you extra $100 for holding the vehicle for me till you recieve the payment and for the less stress you will go through during the transaction. Kindly get back to me if you accept my offer with your information where the check will be sent to asap:

(1) Full Name
(2) Mailing address, (no p.o box)
(3) Phone Number Home and cell
{4} Acceptance of my offer
(5} Final asking price

Thanks for your business and understandind.
Shawn Combs
1373 Flat Top Rd
janesville, Wi. 53546

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  1. We tried to sell a kayak on Craigslist and got a very similar email, Jarvis.
    I just replied, “we’re not going to do business with you”. provides a helpful reference.

    Comment by Jason | December 17, 2007

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