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Error 80004005

If you have worked with Windows systems for long, at some point you have seen the infamous 80004005 error code. It seems to pop up everywhere. Problem is that it is a bit infuriating to try to figure out what it means.

Last year I was at the Microsoft Management Summit, and Johan Arwidmark was giving a presentation on Operating System Deployment. During the presentation, he mentions that error code. He then asked the audience if we would like to know what it meant. Since all of us had seen it and been frustrated by it, all of our ears perked up. What does that crazy code mean?

Johan then let us know. In his characteristic deadpan delivery he informed us that it means:

“That thing you were trying to do…it didn’t work.”

February 27, 2008 - Posted by | comedy, ConfigMgr, tech | , ,

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