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Light in the Darkness

This morning I was on a flight from Asheville, NC to Atlanta that left at 6:00AM. Somewhere in the middle of the flight I looked out the window and saw that there was a light low cloud cover. Through the clouds you could see where cities were by the glowing orb beneath the clouds. Everything else was dark, but the cities were clearly visible in the midst of the darkness.

Now, the city was not just one big light. The glow that cut through the clouds was produced by hundreds of thousands of little lights working together. Each of them gave light to the area around them. Together they were able to overpower the darkness and be seen from miles away.

We live in a dark world. Jesus compared us with lights. He encouraged us to live in such a way that those around us would see the good things that we do and give glory to God. We can each bring some brightness to the part of the world that we are in. And as we do that, our collective brightness will cut through the fog and clouds to be seen by all.

The job of a light is to cut through the darkness so that people can see. Are you doing your job today?

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